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Thanks so much for checking my comm out; my personal journal is velociraptorx if you care. Anyways; I post TUTORIALS; TEXTURES; PATTERNS; GRADIENTS; & BRUSHES. PS: impari is italian for LEARN. So I hope that is what you get to do here.
I don't know what helps you and what doesn't if you don't comment. Feel free to comment on the post and ask questions, or to tell me I did a bad [or even good] job on the tutorial. I like to know that it HELPED you in some way. Now that I supply resources, commenting lets me know you LIKE what I make and will persuade me to make more.

I don't need credit, however.. I do ask that you do not claim as your own. [meaning you post it somewhere else as your own tutorial.] If you WANT to credit.. all you have to do is LINK BACK to me using a text or picture link. As for the resources, I'd love for you just to do a simple link back on your comms userinfo or your resource page!

Is against the law here! Do NOT ever re-post my tutorials I've made. It takes me a lot of time to do these, so don't screw this up for me. You can link people back to the community for tutorials, but do NOT post the tutorial yourself! [also goes for resources]

Please, whore me out!! If you like everything that I make and you think I'm a good teacher, why not tell your friends? If you see someone who needs help.. LINK THEM HERE!

IS NOT ALLOWED!!!!!!!!! I am not sure why you would direct link, but just in case! [as for the resources, it would be quite hard for you to direct link.. dontcha think?

I'd love to have you as an affiliate, all you have to do is contact me and I'll be glad to make you one. Make sure you add me first!

I will ban you if I need to, I do NOT tolerate any kind of inappropriate behavior to me or the members of this community.

This community is OPEN membership. If you would like to be apart of it, just JOIN or WATCH it. All posts are public and will always be public!.


This is the only thing you can hotlink! So just copy/paste the code in the box into your userinfo or whereever.. and PART-AY!!

And if you don't like my button [which I don't] you can use a text link:



comment on any post if you would like to be added
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